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About Your Personal Change.

Your personal change.

It doesn’t start with a great, smart, big solution.


On the contrary.

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Change starts with courage.

Change starts with not being fully prepared.

Change starts with not really knowing what will happen.

Change starts with knowing that you do not know.

Change wants you to go through many questions.

Change wants you to keep on climbing mountains.

Change wants you to listen to yourself.

Change can seem like a tough teacher.

Change can look like it does not make sense.

Change does not want to hurry.

Change wants you to take time.

Change wants you to be patient.

Change wants you to be without answers sometimes.

Change can stand still.

Change does not feel like change sometimes.

Change can feel like going backwards.

Change is not linear.

Change lets you be more still sometimes.

Change lets you be very loud other times.

Change will not tell you what is change. Or when it happens.

Change will wait until you see what is change.

Change is not a star on the stage.

Change grows slowly, profoundly, within you. And you have to shine a light on it.

Change will not stop. It will always be there.

Sometimes less, sometimes more.

Change does not want you to become perfect.

Change does not want you to have all answers.

Change does not want you to know it all.

Change supports you to be more you.

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