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Beginning. Making the first step.

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

💜Beginnings are not easy. Starting over or starting with something new means change. It brings a big change.

And change can be scary. As a response, our brain starts to create millions of questions.

💜You are thinking about starting over, about a new beginning. But then, you are caught up by all the thoughts.

It feels like you cannot escape them. All you want is to make a first step but this first step feels impossible with all your questions that block you, that hold you back from the change that you want so much.

Instead of moving forward, instead of starting, you are stuck in overthinking. Stuck with questions that do not bring your further. Questions that make you lose time instead.

💭Always these same questions.

And no real answer.

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The worries. The doubts. The fear.

The millions of thoughts.

The uncertainty.

The unknown.

Will it work out?

What will it be like?

Will it be the best choice?

What if I'll regret it?

What if I'll make a mistake?

What will I do then?

What will others say?

Will I be capable to manage it?

How to be sure about it?

What to do so I can feel sure about it?

Is there maybe another option?

Is there maybe a better timing? Should I really do it?

Why do I have doubts?

Is it a sign not to start because I have doubts?

👉No clarity. No quality thinking. No reflection. No chance for good, true answers and insights.

Thoughts racing into all directions instead into one. Thoughts that close new doors instead of opening new ones.

🤍 Choose other questions!

👉Questions about:

  • the meaning and importance to you about opening that door,

  • what it will make you feel like,

  • what you need to do before opening this door,

  • how or with whom to enter it.

How will it bring you closer to who you are?

What is in your way?

How to overcome what's in your way?

How will you grow and change by opening that door?

There are questions. And there are other questions.

The good thing is that you can choose. And you can choose me as your thinking partner, as your supporter. I will support you to create clarity. With clarity comes action.

🤝Be curious, get to know yourself. Coaching can be a wonderful option.

👉Are you thinking about starting something new right now?

👉Maybe wondering how to do the first step?

👉Not sure about how to begin?

✍💬Share a comment below, let me know what your challenge is.

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