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💡Food for thought - or rather - "food for feelings" 💡

Updated: Dec 12, 2022


💜Being an emotional person "who’s a little obsessed" about topics on personal development, wellbeing and psychology, a podcast about “Permission to Feel” has been on my mind for a long time.

Brene Brown & Dr. Marc Brackett talk about the importance of noticing and understanding our feelings.

➡️“Emotional Literacy” caught my attention in that podcast.

➡️We all think AND we all feel. That’s a fact.

⚪️But, how much time and space are you giving your feelings?

How connected or disconnected are you with your inner self?

What happens if you do not (take the time to) know the causes and consequences of your feelings?

⚪️Not knowing what is going on within yourself influences how you make and take decisions, how you interact, work and talk with others.

⚪️It influences how you think of yourself, of others, of other people’s ideas, suggestions. It influences your capactiy of thinking and creating.

“Nah. I am a rational decision maker.” Really?

💡💡In the podcast, Brackett shares how teachers had to evaluate and mark essays on their good and and their bad days. They thought it didn’t have an impact on how they rated these essayes.

Guess what.

It did.

❔What difference does it make when you feel relaxed & satisfied when listening to other people’s ideas vs feeling exhausted and stressed?

❔What difference does it make when you feel calm and reassured when going into negotiation vs feeling worried and uncertain?

❔How aware are you of what’s going on within you when receiving a certain feedback that does something to you?

💜I’d love us to create, grow and empower a culture of awareness and safe communication towards what’s going on within us.

Because, once being aware, it makes you see and understand, it gives you clarity. And this clarity, you then pass on to your environment.

➡️Ask yourself:

What is my personal perception of feelings?

What judgements or beliefs do I have around feelings?

What would happen if I made the time & space to be more aware of my own feelings?

What can I do to let other people feel safe to share their feelings?

How would this change our personal & working environments, relationships etc. ?

P.S.: yep, I love to ask (way too) many questions 😏

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