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Updated: Dec 13, 2022

👋Hi, it’s me, your lack of self-confidence!

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❗️“Women also reported an average 20% lower confidence than men in their capabilities to start a business (54.7% vs. 66.2%) , and there is no region or income level in which women rate higher than men." 2020/21 Women’s Entrepreneurship Report; GEM Global Entrepreneurship Monitor Globally

❗️“A feeling of self-censorship and lack of self-confidence is strongly identified in the study: 86% of French women entrepreneurs cite it, as well as 63% in Germany.2018 Study on Entrepreneurial Diversity and Gender Stereotypes; Women Initiative Foundation in partnership with BNP Paribas Wealth Management

🙋🏻Raising my hand here! Am totally admitting how my selfconfidence is doing loopings on the "confidence rollercoaster"🎢 once in a while. And that’s ok.


And I want us women to talk & exchange about it. Let’s talk about what’s behind: What false & limiting beliefs are in our heads? Let’s speak them out loud & create a safe space for it!

Let’s ask ourselves why they are in our heads! Let us question ourselves if they are really, really true!?

❤️When coaching my clients & asking the women what qualities they are appreciated & known for, they share valuable, rational, eye opening answers. So I continue to ask “and for what else, what else, what else...” - and guess what, they find more & more answers.


🔵Being always confident, to me, that’s impossible.

Just like it’s impossible to always be motivated, happy, creative, productive.

There are four different seasons in one year, so we humans have different seasons, too. Daily, weekly, monthly...

❤️What I believe in, is that we can experience confidence, grow confidence & continue to make sure that our “confidence bucket” has enough water in it. So we can water ourselves during the moments when our self doubts try to take over.

🔵To experience confidence, we need courage, action, time for clarity, support and once again, ACTION.

By DOING that thing, we will EXPERIENCE that it can work. We will show & prove to ourselves what we have not seen/known about ourselves before. We will experience that we are capable of so much more than the false vision of ourselves that we have created in our heads. We will understand that our thoughts are not always right. We will begin to learn to trust ourselves. We will experience what it feels like to be proud of ourselves.

🌱By collecting these experiences, we will learn to overcome our innercritic . Slowly, we will create a new pattern, a new thinking routine, a new behaviour. Because we will feel, see, understand what we are capable of.

💫And that’s confidence to me.

Does confidence mean that our selfdoubts & inner critic will completely disappear?

I don't think so. But I believe that we can learn how to mute & manage the inner critic - instead of the inner critic managing us.

💪Hi lack of self-confidence, selfdoubts & Co, nice to meet you all - let’s get started! We need to talk!

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