• Jana Hofmann

How are you?

❔Simple question, right?

❔ it really?

❔How do you answer this question?

🟣Do you make a difference between who asks this question (partner, friend, colleague, someone you just met)?

🟣What does this question mean to you?

🟣What does this questions mean to the person being asked?

🟣When are you sharing more and when are you simply replying "doing well, and you?"?

🟣What do you really want to know when you ask someone "how are you"? Or maybe it's just part of saying hi?

🟣How much time, interest, empathy are you willing to give for this question?

🟣What do you do when someone opens up and shares with you how she/he is doing and you realise you don’t have the time right now?

🟣And what if you're not comfortable hearing all that because you did not expect that, as it was just a simple "how are you saying hi sort of thing”?

🟣What value can you create by asking this question?

🟣What value can you create when replying? are you now? ; )

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