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I am not selling my coaching. I am offering my coaching.

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

Selling is not my thing

Selling was never my thing (any other women relating here?)

Thanks to enriching conversations with women who I see as my mentors, I stepped away from selling. And chose "I'm offering". Because yes, a word can make a difference.

Today, I do want to offer my coaching.

I am creating true connections. So you can share your deepest wishes, worries, needs and fears. No need to feel ashamed, hesitant or bad about what you want to say or about how you say it. And maybe you do not want to say anything. This is all fine.

I am not overloading you with millions of coaching tools and homework. I will not coach you towards becoming a perfect person. That’s not what you need. That’s not what I believe in. And that’s not how I coach. But I am committed and I want you, my client, to be committed, too.

It is about figuring out what you want, who you are and what you need to get started. I am not telling you “look at me, I am a coach, I know it all, do what I have done, live how I live”. My decisions are good for me, not for you.

I let you talk. Full stop.

I am creating and holding a true, authentic coaching relationship. I am not pretending to be someone in front of you. I am myself, coming into the coaching session the way I am that day while embracing my responsibilites as a coach. And I want to you do the same: be the way you are on the day we talk. No pretending. No pressure. You do you.

I know that although my and my client’s experiences might be similiar, they are not the same. This is super important: respecting my client’s very own experiences while profiting from my learnings. Not comparing my experiences to yours and the other way around. Not telling you to do it my way. No one but you is in your shoes. But I support you being in your shoes.

I don’t do magic, I am not talking to the universe, I don’t believe into being happy and positive no matter what 24/7, that's not how life goes.

I am not afraid to friendly kick your ass while supporting and believing in you and asking deep questions that lead to new perspectives. I empower you and gently confront you when you need it.

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I am not pretending to be the coach who knows it all and can do anything. I’m an imperfect 38 year old woman trying to figure out things in life by being courages, authentic. By failing forwards, challenging myself and trying to create a life based on my values.

I am coaching women 1:1 online. In English, German and French.

Reach out to me if you're curious.

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