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My coaching business: some learnings after six months of self employment

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

Six months of being self employed as a coach. Giving it a try to sum up my learnings:

💡I believed I was not capable to “create something from scratch”. And it was true because I never let myself. Today, I know I can. And the more I create, the more confident I become to try out and create new things.

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💡Understanding and accepting that business growth takes time. My coaching business grows with me and I grow with my business.

I am the fundament. Especially in the beginning, it is all about the fundament, the base. So it depends on my mindset, my willingness to fail, to try, to learn, to be open. My discipline, my creativity, my routine, my strategy, my energy, my self belief, my confidence. The last months have been intense. And still, not for once, I thought about giving up. I am committed and truly believe that what I offer is valuable.

💡Learning to listen to myself. It is not always easy to listen to myself while trying to be open and curious for new external ideas, not letting myself push into a direction that is not mine. Filtering what aligns with my values, my vision. Taking the decision to trust myself. Even if this might be a mistake. I prefer to do this because running a business means having the courage to do it my way. And that needs to be learned.

💡Going out there and doing it imperfectly, not 100% ready, not focussing on what others will say, continuing although there are not always results, continuing because this is being self employed.

💡Accepting and embracing the shitty moments. And getting up and moving on. Not staying in the self doubts. They come, they go, I continue.

💡Connecting with women who are further on their self employment journey. I did not know (m)any female entrepreneurs and for a while, this made me feel lonely. Having found my female entrepreneur mentors and friends brought so much change. And growth.

💡Networking. I realised that I have not done proper networking. Because I thought I did not know how to do it. Turns out I am actually a good networker and am enyoing it!

💡Setting realistic goals and making sure I am not too strict on myself. Sometimes, I am comparing my “old me” from my previous career and its productivity level, the pace etc. It took some time to understand that the work lifestyle of “back then” is different from my new work lifestyle.

💡Being in the “coaching bubble” made me see how much unethical stuff is going on: many unqualified, egocentric and money driven "coaches". Do not get me wrong, I am working towards a safe income thanks to my business - but not at the costs of my clients. Working with my clients, not against them.

🌱What I am still learning?

How to be more kind with myself. How to pay even less(er) attention to other peoples opinions. How to become more imperfect. How to become louder about my own opinion. How to unlearn.

🌻As always, work in progress. And I would not want it any other way.

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