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Updated: Dec 13, 2022


What does self confidence look like to you? How does it feel like?

There are so many definitions about what self confidence is.

And I personally believe that each and everyone of us has her very own, personal and individual definition.

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Because your definition about self confidence is based on your own story,

  • on how you grew up

  • on your family history

  • your experiences

  • your challenges

  • your own personal needs.

Your self confidence is based on your personal ups and down and on how you managed them.

I prefer to ask you about your own meaning of self confidence and then begin to ask questions that are meant to be yoru very own personal questions. Based on how and who you are.

To me, right now, being and feeling confident means having the courage to listen to my own voice, to my intuition, to my opinion.

It means trying to stay with my own beliefs of how to grow my own coaching business.

Trying to listen to my gut feeling in this big ocean of marketing and business advices.

And that it is not always easy. But, I do continue because I believe in my abilities, in my skills, into myself.

Doubting oneself does not mean that you have to stop.

Doubting oneself does not necessarily mean that something is wrong.

Doubting can serve as a check up. As a check up to see if you are ok and ready to keep stainding although it is windy.

Doubting does not mean you are not capable of something. It is there to be looked at, to be checked out if it is true and what is really true about the doubts.

What does self confidence mean to you?

How does it feel or look like?

Share in comments or reach out to me. Would love to hear about your personal definition.

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