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The biggest thing is asking for help. That's really hard for me.

The biggest thing is asking for help. That's really hard for me.

And I know that about my self. But I did no think of it sooner.

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The story behind:

You have so much on your plate that you can't see the plate anymore.

Things are starting to fall of your plate. You feel stressed. You do your best to catch the things that fall down. You balance this heavy plate, trying not to slip, trying to hold on to this plate. It feels shaky. You move in all directions just to keep the balance.

But the plate is still full. Too full.

Not seeing the plate means there is too much on your plate.

What often happens: procrascination.

You might feel surprised that it happens to you. You might think:

Normally, I am productive.

I get things done, I am task orientated, I see the big picture.

But lately, it’s almost impossible to get things done. I don’t know why. I am procrascinating and it’s stressing me out. This is not me. I am a responsible person, I deliver, I don’t want to disappoint people.

Often, this happens: You continue to do it all by yourself.

Although it is too much for one person.

The more you give. The more you try. The less you are productive. The less you are focused. The less your are satisfied with how you do things. The more you feel frustrated.

You start to think: If I can't do it well, then I don’t do it at all.

This is a moment when I can support you with my coaching.

If you are in your head by yourself, you will turn around the same thoughts. Seeing only one reality: how to not drop the plate that is too full.

The true reality is: learning to ask for support. Accepting that sometimes it is too much to do it all by yourself.

Together, we stand up, leave the table and look at the plate from further. To see how full it is. To look what's all on it. To understand what others put on your plate, what you put on your plate.

Together, we will work on how to make more space on the plate.

We will look around you. And you will see other plates next to you. Your neighbour's plates. And how they have space for what's on your plate.

You will be surprised how simple things can be.


One word.

But what's hiding behind: accepting support & help, being afraid of asking, letting go of wanting to do it all by yourself.

I help you to understand what's behind.

So you can start to do things differently. And finally ask for support. So you can focus on giving your best doing what's truly important to you.

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