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When we become grown ups, we stop growing.

As a child you have started something new a thousand times.

But that's just normal, that's what kids do, right?

The thing is, when we become " grown ups ", we stop growing: "Because we are adults".

We stop being beginners. Our society says: You've been like this for years, just stay like this.

So: it's solely up to you to start.

And by beginning, I don't necessarily mean a new job. Or some huge project. Nope.

  • Start doing something that you enjoy. Where you feel the fun, from the inside. Just like when you were a child.

And you don't have to be talented at it. Not. At. All. It is about doing and feeling good about it.

  • Start being a kid once in a while. Start now. Your grown up self will thank you.

  • Start to think about who you are.

About how you are.

About what you need. About what you don't need.

About what you just want to be sincerely happy about when you know your time has come. Because it will.

  • Start sleeping longer when you need to. Start holding on to the fact that sleep and rest is important, even though some people roll their eyes at it.

  • Start using your time the way your body and gut tell you to.

  • Start to organize your weekend, vacation, Christmas the way you secretly imagine it in your head. Do it your way.

Yes, I write this now. And I mean it.

Starting is damn hard.

And you walk through dark woods, and sometimes all alone.

But the truth is: you find the way.

And how damn proud you are of yourself afterwards.

And how damn good it feels to feel like your true, normal self.

And how overwhelmed you are by this feeling in your belly that feels like something you've never felt before.

And you ask yourself:

Is that it? Can it be that?

Is this what growth feels like?

Start. And grow.

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