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Where you are shapes who you are. And your self confidence.

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

Did you ask yourself what your environment looks like? How it shapes you?

How does your environment influence you in a good/bad way?

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Our self confidence and self doubts can be linked to our environment. Our environment can make us feel more or less confident. Self confidence is an inner work but we have also to look at what is around us. We have to pay attention to how our external surrounding makes us feel and think about ourselves.

Understanding and noticing what is happening with your self confidence because of your envirionment can be helpful. It makes you understand what and who influences your self confidence externally and how. It can help understand your needs and what is important to you.

Take a look at your different environments:

Work environment

Friends environment

Family environment

Relationship environment

Social media environment

Networking environment

Questions to ask yourself:

  1. Do I feel supported/appreciated by the people in my environment? And if not, what would I need?

  2. How would I feel if I heard less from certain people?

  3. What moments and situations make me feel more or less confident?

  4. Does my work excite and challenge me in a positive way? Or does it make me feel low, small, exhausted?

  5. Am I challenged in a way that makes me grow and makes me feel more self confident?

  6. Or is it so much workload that makes me doubt myself?

  7. What do I get from interacting/following the people I follow on social media?

  8. How do these accounts contribute to the way I feel and think about myself?

  9. How do I grow thanks to where I am?

  10. In which environment do I feel most confident? Why and with whom?

I am not saying you have to leave your job, cut off the contact with certain people or do a big, drastic change. I would like to motivate you to reflect and create awareness about your environment and what effect it has on you and your self confidence.

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