Certified Coach Jana Hofmann, coaching women. Online and Paris.

Hi! I am Jana, certified coach, coaching women. 

YOU are a curious, committed, purpose driven woman ?

You are a woman who wants a change, a new beginning?

You are a woman who wants to dare ? You want to find out how to live your life your way ?

GREAT! You have taken a frist step already!​ Dare to be courageous, confident and authentic.


I support you to do what truly matters to you. I empower you to be who you truly want to be. 

Based in Paris. Coaching online, worldwide. I speak English, German, French.


Does this sound familiar to you ?
Coaching might be for you.

You live a life that "ticks all the boxes" but you feel that there is more. You are asking yourself what it is: 

"What is my purpose? What do I really want in life? Is this really it?"

You are committed, you are ready to do the real work. You want to find out what direction you want to take. You want change. 


You have taken on a new challenge and want to develop your skills. You are not afraid of learning.

You want to feel more confident and be more effective within this new challenge.

You want to take responsibility for yourself and for others. You want to find out how to master your potential


​You want to explore how to be an authentic female leader. You do not want to copy others. You want to get closer to your own, individual leadership style that corresponds to who you are as a person. You want to create your own definiton of leading. You want to understand what you need in order to continue to stay real and true while growing as a leader. You want to understand your blind spots, you want to understand where you might need to step back and when to speak up. You want to lead with purpose and authenticity without forgetting or losing yourself on this journey


You are great at what you do but you do not dare to take on new opportunities because you are not sure of yourself. Maybe you are afraid of being judged by othersYou want to overcome your self doubts and insecurities. You want to find out what you need in order to do a first step. You want to step forward by being courageous and open for change


You want to make more time for yourself but you struggle because of other priorities. You feel like you are constantly in the "putting out fire" mode. You want to slow down. Your goal is to learn to priorotise yourself and your needs. You want to learn how to say no without feeling guilty about it. You want to learn how to set boundaries. You want to step away from an unrealistic picutre of "100% superwoman" and "I have to do it all (by myself)". You want to choose what you do with your time. 


You find yourself in this description? 

I would love to accompany you with your personal questions.

I would love to team up with you to unlock your potential and start your individual transformation.

I would love to empower you to begin to do what is important to you. Read more here.

Coaching Feedback Jana Hofmann Coaching. Certified Coach, Paris, Online, Coaching Women.


If I hadn't done this coaching, I wouldn't have accessed certain new thoughts

and would have stayed more on the surface. Jana is a very good listener, very gentle and she was able to adapt to my style and my needs. I felt extremely confident with her, and without this confidence & trust, I would not have been able to move forward so quickly on my issue. 

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Certified Coach. Certified Coach Paris. Coaching Women. Coaching Business Women. Confidence Coach. Cofidence Coaching. Self Confidence. Expat Coach Paris. Coaching Paris.

What Coaching Can Do - Coaching Benefits

Understand what it is that you want to be and what you want to do: Applying for a leading position? Setting up your own business? Creating a project with purpose? Taking a break? Get started. Unwire the chaos in your head, find answers to all your big questions, make your first step. Leave the waiting room, take the driver's seat. Reach the goal that is important to you. 

Gain clarity about your values, strengths and passions. Once you understand what is important to you, you will be able to to take decisions easier and better. Clarity and knowing what you are standing for will allow you to take clear, committed action steps. It will be your internal compass that will guide you. Get to know yourself and transform this knowledge.

Reshape your self-image to one that is closer to who you truly are. See your true potential and learn to embrace it. Learn to speak and feel proud about  your success stories. Feel confident talking about your strengths. Understand what thoughts are true and helpful. Learn to manage the stories you are telling yourself. Give yourself the permission to be proud of yourself.

Grow your selfworth and selfconfidence. You will be able to trust yourself and believe in yourself. Begin to listen more to yourself, listen less to others. Say no to what does not contribute to your wellbeing or to your self confidence. Choose the environment that is good and sustainable for you and your personal growth.

Be ready for new challenges, have the courage for new life chapters. Read more about self confidence here.

Speak up and express yourself with confidence. Say and share what is important to you without worrying about other people's opinions. Priorotize and learn to set personal boundaries. Trust your own opinion and experiences. Dare to be the person that you are currently putting on snooze. Choose yourself. 

Start Your Coaching With Me
- Coaching Process

Step 1 - Coaching discovery call

Coaching is about connection and trust. 

Let's get to know each other and see if you and I are a good fit.

> 30 minutes via zoom |  free of charge | English, German, French

Step 2 - Coaching options and coaching fees

You enjoyed our coaching discovery call, you felt safe, understood.

Let's work together:

Coaching Option "Committed"

> 3 months of individual coaching support

> 6 customized 1:1 online coaching sessions à 60 mins

> coaching language of your choice: English, German, French

> exploration of your barriers/limitations, exploration of your strenghts/values,

clarity about what is blocking you, goal setting, clear action plan

= 695 Euro

Coaching Option "Quality Time"

> one customized 1:1 online coaching session up to 75 mins

> coaching language of your choice: English, German, French

> speaking out loud what is currently blocking you, your need to be listened to, brainstorming,

> quality time for yourself, for your thoughts and your feelings

= 135 Euro

Step 3 - Coaching sessions

My coachings are tailored to your needs. You set the pace, you set the content.

Some coaching essentials:

> Contracting: definition and boundaries of coaching, confidentiality,

coach and client responsibilities, communication etc. .

> Exploration of your area of focus, goal setting

> Designing actions: looking at your current situation, exploring your barriers and limitations, exploring your values, strengths, motivation, your self perception etc. 

> Regular check-in: managing coaching relationship and coaching progress

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Certified Coach. Jana Hofmann Coaching. Confidence Coach. Confidence Coaching. Coaching Women. Coaching Business Women. Self Confidence. Coaching Paris.

About Me

38 years. Born in Kazakhstan, grew up in Germany, a one year stop over in the USA, now living in Paris, France. I am figuring out things in life by being courageous and authentic. By failing forwards, challenging myself and trying to create a life based on my values . Read more here


I am a certified coach with a triple accredited certificate (International Coaching Federation,

Association for Coaching and European Mentoring & Coaching Council)  from Henley Business School,

coaching women. I have a profound and fast understanding of clients' situations and challenges and am strong in creating sincere, ethical coaching relationships based on trust, empathy and deep listening skills.

It is very important to me to support and challenge critical, individual thinking as well as feelings and awareness. Creating a thinking environment that allows new perspectives and insights is another priority.

When looking back, I look at a career within a leading position in the international business environment. A career of 11 years that challenged me, taught me a lot but did not fulfill me. Read more here.

With work experience in male led industries & working with male C-Level positions, sensibility towards being a woman within male driven working industries has become a very important topic to me. 

I am supporting authentic female management and female leadership. I am all in about empowering and supporting women who want to find their own place in their lives. Women who want to be in the driver's seat and set their very own direction.

Coaching and therapy are part of my private life. Self development is my life philosophy. I am working on myself while being a coach. It allows me to create a deeper connection with my clients. I know what it feels like being in my clients' shoes. 

Truth, purpose, authenticity, responsibility, love, learning, curiosity, humour are my guiding values. I enjoy philosophy, reading novels, discovering what's new in Paris, running & pilates, going for walks, eating, dancing and spending time with people I love and care about. 

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Jana Hofmann Coaching. Certified Coach. Coach Paris. Coaching Women. Coaching Business Women. Confidence Coaching. Confidence Coach. Coaching Business Women. Expat Coach. Expat Coach Paris.

My Coaching Style

Client Centered - Empathy - Understanding - Presence & Attention - Safe Space -Trust

- Confidentiality - Awareness - Attentive & Deep Listening - Supportive -Down To Earth - Warm & Kind -  In The Moment - Feelings & Thoughts - Body Language - Time for Silence - Empowering

You have questions about the coaching? Contact me (EN, DE, FR) and I will be happy to get back to you.

Thank you for your message. I will reply very soon. Make sure to check your spam.