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jana hofmann coaching, executive coach for female leaders,  executive coach, overcoming self criticism,  female leadership, women in business, high performing, authentic leadership

Hi! I am Jana, certified executive coach
for female leaders. 

I support you to feel worthy of your leadership role. 

Stop proving and pushing through.

Start owning your competence and skills - feel comfortable within.

Dare to be seen.

Based in Paris. Coaching online, worldwide. I speak English, German, French.

You are not sure if coaching is right for you?
If this feels familiar to you, coaching is for you.

First of all: you are here. You took your first step and I am super happy to see you here!

Stepping into a leadership role is an exciting adventure, full of opportunities to discover your true potential. Even if you already have the necessary skills, moments of self-doubt can come up, questioning your readiness for this leadership journey. You may also feel the need to be flawless and perfect, the need to prove "you are enough" for this position. It's natural. You are not alone with it.

Many leaders (to be) face the same challenge.


You want to take on new responsibilities, overcome challenges, and drive innovation. Embracing visibility is part of this journey, and the importance lies not just in "doing" leadership right but in authentically "being" your leader-self.

Yet, these doubts won't hold you back? Great! Your inner drive is powerful, pushing you towards leadership, despite any uncertainties? Give yourself permission to start a transformative coaching journey

  • Stay confident in yourself even when you face negativity or judgment from others: stay committed to taking pride in your skills and accomplishments


  • Don't let your job define you, make it fit your preferences: bring your personal values and convictions into your work without constantly being preoccupied with how it appears to others.


  • Take decisions based on your principles and stay true to what matters to youAvoid allowing other people's expectations to hold you back.


  • Communicate honestly and directly. Express your ideas, opinions, needs and boundaries.         Do not hesitate to speak about difficult topics as well. 

A., UK

I had just taken on the role of CEO of a very small charity and wasn’t sure what kind of leader I wanted to be, how to prioritise and combine the operational and strategic part of my job. Thanks to the coaching, I gained a lot more clarity and confidence. I realised I had been so focused on almost emulating my predecessor who had a very different style and personality to me that I didn’t give myself the space to explore how I wanted to shape the role and the organisation and how to set boundaries. For me, a lot of the coaching sessions with Jana were about being an authentic leader and having the courage to be authentic and make decisions in light of what I truly felt was in the best interest of the organisation and myself. I also explored a lot of aspects of self-care within the role and developing support systems for myself.

You Are Not Sure if Coaching is Effective?
Here are the Coaching Benefits

Leaders aren't born; they are made by facing challenges. Choosing to become a leader means committing to personal and professional growth. Becoming a leader takes time and effort. 

Leadership is about accepting the need to go back to growing in order to grow forward.
Leadership is always ongoing. It's a long-term work-life project, an ongoing journey that will challenge you and deeply reward you if you dare.


If you feel sceptical about coaching, then know that it is all right and normal. Many of my clients feel this way when starting. By creating time for yourself, for your questions, needs and wishes, coaching brings clarity and structure into your thoughts. Only through clarity can goals be set. Only then is it possible to take action and tackle your small and big changes.

  • Overcome the fear of what others might think and be courageous in your ambition to pursue your true nature

  • Step out of the habit of underestimating yourself; have the courage to take on the        leadership role without feeling the need to justify your ambition or question your abilities.

  • Put an end to hiding behind a role: step into your personal strength to transform your ideas        into reality and lead with your competence & skills

Start Your Coaching With Me: Coaching Process

Step 1 - Coaching discovery call

Coaching is about connection and trust. Let's see if you and I are a good fit and how I can support you.

Step 2 - Coaching signature programme: From Doing to Thriving

You enjoyed our coaching discovery call, you felt safe, understood. We agree that you and I are a good fit. Let's work together:     


  • 16 weeks of profound, focused, transformational work for your meaningful, deep shifts

  • 8 x biweekly 1:1 Professional Holistic Coaching Sessions (60 min): Targeted Questions, Power of Silence, In the Moment, Body Language, Accountability & Encouragement

  • 4 x 1:1 Check-In Calls (30 min) between the sessions to ensure transformation and development, to keep things moving

  • Individual Devotion, Full Personal Capacity & Resources, Intensive Support: I am fully & seriously committed to being your coach, that’s why I work with not more than a max. of 5 clients in parallel

Step 3 - Are you ready?

  • Move forward with focus, confidence & stability: no more “self doubts rollercoasters” that make you feel lost and stuck in the never-ending “self-criticism loop”. Feel and own the worth of your work.

  • Feel courageous & autonomous to apply your standards and rules: shine with your individual thinking and your straightforward personality. No more burning out by being the "I can do it all by myself super woman". Control your energy and efficiency by setting boundaries and priorities.

  • Challenge yourself and your emotional wellbeing: dare to embrace "your soft side" and your wellbeing as your inner powerhouse. Check in inside before thriving on the outside.

jana hofmann coaching, executive coach for female leaders,  executive coach, overcoming self criticism,  female leadership, women in business, high performing, authentic leadership, perfectionism, self doubts

Why Choose Me as Your Coach? About Me:

"Doing your own thinking is the first step in making a difference."

For someone who was a master at adapting and blending in - because when you move a lot, you adapt a lot (Kazakhstan, Germany, US, now in Paris); For someone who was planning & organizing events, controlling every detail, deadline, having a plan B for every possible scenario; For someone like me, the first step in making a difference was admitting that I was busy controlling, functioning and managing "things" for "others". My first step was to admit that I had not done my own thinking. This is when my own thinking started. This is when I understood my mission:

Encouraging women in making a difference. That's my true mission.

I am Jana, Certified Executive Coach with a triple accredited certificate (International Coaching Federation, Association for Coaching and European Mentoring & Coaching Council) from         

Henley Business School. I combine my coaching expertise with the value of my previous 11 yrs international business career and my personal non linear life path.


It is my profound intention to encourage you to start doing your own thinking. So you can be your true self without hesitation. So you know that your abilities are not just sufficient but extraordinary.  So you lead others with your insights.


It is very important to me to support and challenge critical, individual thinking as well as feelings and awareness. Creating a thinking environment that allows new perspectives and insights is another priority. I am supporting authentic female management and female leadership. I am all in about encouraging and supporting women who want to find their own place in their lives, not just fill one. 

Coaching and therapy are part of my private life. Self development is my life philosophy and close to my heart. I am working on myself while being a coach. It allows me to create a deeper connection with my clients. Truth, trying to create something good while staying humble and true to myself, responsibility, love, learning, curiosity and laughing are my guiding values. I enjoy philosophy, reading novels, discovering what's new in Paris, running & pilates, going for walks, eating, dancing and spending time with people I love and care about. 

jana hofmann coaching, executive coach for female leaders,  executive coach, overcoming self criticism,  female leadership, women in business, high performing, authentic leadership

What To Expect During Coaching? Coaching Style.

I support you with my external, unbiased view to gain new insights about yourself and your strengths. I accompany you through targeted questioning techniques to more self-knowledge, self-awareness and new perspectives. My coaching is client-centred (Carl Rogers), based on encouragement and the Time to Think approach (Nancy Kline). We begin every single session with your choice of topic, keeping a non directive coaching style. The coaching is adapted to your individual needs and pace. We keep it agile and flexible while keeping the focus.


  • Safe Space: You express doubts, fears, and insecurities openly. This trust allows you to step into vulnerability and explore more about yourself

  • Self-Reflection: An essential that allows you to introspect, recognize patterns, and gain new insights. It is in these reflective moments that breakthroughs happen
  • Self-Awareness: Working on your self-awareness is a key element. Recognizing strengths, weaknesses, and triggers encourage you to face challenges more effectively

  • Active Listening: I am listening with my most intense attention, not just to words but to the emotions, sighs, "mhhs", and the body language behind them. This type of active listening creates a deeper understanding of your concerns and needs.

  • Encouragement: Celebrating small victories, acknowledging progress, providing positive support play a central role.

  • Action-Focused: We set concrete, achievable goals and develop action plans. You implement changes working with your new gained insights from self-awareness. You see tangible, new actions

  • Solution-Oriented Thinking: We shift the focus from problems to exploring solutions. We reframe challenges as opportunities for growth, empowering you to embrace a solution-oriented mindset.

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