Hey! I am Jana. I'm so happy to see you here :)

I work with smart, purpose driven (expat) women who underestimate & doubt themselves. I support them to build confidence so they step out of their comfort zone & step into their unapologetic true self.

- Find the courage to do what matters to you.

- Feel confident to trust yourself & the decisions you make.

- Feel safe to express yourself & set your own individual boundaries.

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I speak English, German, French.


What my clients say

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Ines, Organizational Development

Without the coaching, I would probably still feel dissatisfied because of working on too many topics with none of them serving my personal happiness. 

The coaching session has been on my mind for quite some time and made me feel a mix of emotions: What happened is that I realised that I could make it happen by setting the right focus, by setting smaller targets to get started.

Getting started wit small steps instead of being perfect – this motivated me and made me feel more confident about my goal.

Jana has a very enjoyable and calm way when she coaches. She understands your personal challenge very quickly and precisely.


As your coach, I am your true supporter

Together, we will:

Create a safe space for your feelings, thoughts, ideas, dreams. Dare to fully express yourself.

Create clarity. So you can see & understand your strengths & needs. So you start to believe in yourself.

Look at your doubts & limiting beliefs that are holding you back so you can start to make changes.

Work on how you can take action & be in charge. Doing means growing your confidence.


Work with me


Coaching is personal. Coaching is about connection. Coaching is about trust.

> Let's take time to get to know each other

> Let's see if you & I are a good fit

> What would you like to tell me about yourself & what would you like to know about me

30 minutes via zoom |  free of charge | EN DE FR


You enjoyed our discovery talk session, you felt safe and understood.

You and I both feel and think that we have a good connection.

You want to work with me. Let's start!

 Choose between:

1:1 Individual Coaching "Starter"

( 4 x 60 min online-sessions)


= 450 Euro

>> 1:1 Individual Coaching "In Depth"

( 8 x 60 min online-sessions)


= 850 Euro


About me

Born in Kazakhstan, immigrated & grew up in Germany. Living in Paris since 2016. Different cultures, different people, different life stories have always had my heart, attention and interest. To me, it has always been about meaningful connections. About what people feel and think. 

When moving to Paris in my early thirties, my true soul city, it felt like everything was perfect.

But - I was ignoring something. I was ignoring that in order to live my true intentional life, Paris would not be enough.

I knew I needed to go further. I needed to confront myself with my true inner self. I had to do the real work. I had to admit to myself that my career was not the right one for me.

I felt this would be a very big step. So I looked for excuses. I felt scared. I did not feel confident enough to take this step. As a consequence, I didn't do anything about it.

For a long time, nothing happened. For a long time, I was not being honest with myself. 

Until the day came when I knew it was time. But time for what?

In 2018, I decided to invest into my first coach. I knew I needed support. While trying to figure out what my sense in life was, I found that sense in coaching. It came naturally, intuitively to me. I felt and understood that I wanted to coach.

Having experienced the value and effect of being coached when I did not know how to get started with my intentional (professional) life, when I did not know what I wanted and when I did not know if I had the courage - this is when coaching has become essential to me.

Having had dedicated time & space for myself thanks to coaching, I realised that I wanted other people to experience their own, individual "unlocking and becoming" moments. Their own learnings that last, their own learnings that make a difference to them.

After I started to get coached, it took some more time until taking another big step:

In 2021, I felt confident enough to put an end to a career that has never been for me: a leading position in the international events industry. Being in charge of events with too much responsibility on my shoulders, managing budgets, deadlines, preparing a plan B and C for everything and anything, constantly making sure that everything goes as planned.  After 11 years, I could not do this anymore. I did not want this in my life.

I took time for a new beginning - and this time with no real plan. And once again, it took a lot of selfwork and courage. 

I am a certified coach with a triple accredited certificate (International Coaching Federation, Association for Coaching and European Mentoring & Coaching Council) from Henley Business School and I am coaching women. 

I am a coach because I deeply and truly believe into self-development. It is close to my heart. It is my life philosophy. And as a coach, it is my responsibility towards myself and towards my clients to continue doing my self-work. By doing my honest work on myself, I am being my honest self with you. 

Truth, authenticity, empathy, love, learning & curiosity and humour are my guiding values and part of my coaching. 


My coaching style

Client Centered - Empathy - Understanding - Presence & Attention - Safe Space - Trust - Confidentiality - Awareness - Attentive & Deep Listening - Supportive -Down To Earth - Warm & Kind -  In The Moment -Feelings & Thoughts - Body Language - Time for Silence

I coach in English.

Ich coache auf Deutsch.

Je coach en francais


You have questions? Contact me (English, German, French) & I will be happy to get back to you.

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