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Certified Coach Jana Hofmann, coaching women. Online and Paris.

Hi! I am Jana, certified coach, coaching women. 

I support you to clarify your personal questions.

Let's work on your true transformation that lasts: 

Shape your very own future with confidence & courage.

Create a life that feels like yours. 

Based in Paris. Coaching online, worldwide. I speak English, German, French.


You are not sure if coaching is right for you?
If this feels familiar to you, coaching is for you.

YOU like to ask yourself questionsYou like deep conversations. You pay attention to your thoughts, your feelings, to how you behave.You want to understand yourself better. You are a woman who is interested, curious, autonomous, responsible. You are a woman who wants to create some sense.

You like to grow, to learn, to contribute, to take initiative.


You give your best. You try, learn and know so much. And still, there is something within you that does not feel aligned, clear.

Your thoughts keep on turning around the same topic, the same doubt, the same question

You read books, listened to podcasts, participated in webinars. You spoke to people who are close to you. But you are still missing the deep, personal, individual change

What My Coaching Clients Say:
Coaching Feedback

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I had just taken on the role of CEO of a small charity and I wasn’t sure what kind of leader I wanted to be, how to prioritise and combine the operational and strategic part of my job. I gained a lot more clarity and confidence. I  realised that I didn’t give myself the space to explore how I wanted to shape the role and the organisation and how to set boundaries. For me, the coaching sessions with Jana were about being an authentic leader and having the courage to be authentic. I also explored a lot of aspects of self-care within the role and developing support systems for myself.

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Certified Coach. Certified Coach Paris. Coaching Women. Coaching Business Women. Confidence Coach. Cofidence Coaching. Self Confidence. Expat Coach Paris. Coaching Paris.

What Coaching Can Do:
Coaching Benefits

If you feel sceptical about coaching, then know that it is all right and normal.

Many of my clients feel this way when starting. 

So, what are the coaching benefits? By creating time for yourself, for your questions, needs and wishes, coaching brings clarity and structure into your thoughtsOnly through clarity can goals be setOnly then is it possible to take action and tackle your small and big changes.

  • CLARITY IS KEY FOR ACTIONGain clarity about your values, strengths and passions. Once you understand what is important to you, you will be able to to take decisions easier and better. Clarity and knowing what you are standing for will allow you to take clear, committed action steps. Get to know yourself and transform this knowledge.

  • RESHAPE YOUR SELF IMAGEReshape your self-image to one that is closer to who you truly are. See your true potential and learn to embrace it. Learn to speak and feel proud about  your success stories. Feel confident talking about your strengths. Understand what thoughts are true and helpful. Learn to manage the stories you are telling yourself. 

  • BE YOUR AUTHENTIC SELFLearn how to accept and appreciate your whole self. No more pretending and hiding but being aware and conscious of all what belongs to you. Understand your feelings and thoughts. Understand how they affect your behaviour. 

Start Your Coaching With Me
- Coaching Process

Step 1 - Coaching discovery call

Coaching is about connection and trust. Let's see if you and I are a good fit. 

Step 2 - Coaching options and coaching fees

You enjoyed our coaching discovery call, you felt safe, understood.

Let's work together:


Coaching Option "Committed"

  • 3 months of individual coaching support

  • 6 customized 1:1 online coaching sessions à 60 mins

  • coaching language of your choice: English, German, French

  • exploration of your barriers/limitations, exploration of your strenghts/values,

  • clarity about what is blocking you, goal setting, clear action plan

= 850 Euro

Coaching Option "Quality Time"

  • one customized 1:1 online coaching session up to 75 mins

  • coaching language of your choice: English, German, French

  • speaking out loud what is currently blocking you, your need to be listened to, brainstorming,

  • quality time for yourself, for your thoughts and your feelings

= 135 Euro

Step 3 - Coaching sessions

My coaching is tailored to your needs. You set the pace and the content. 

Some coaching essentials:

  • Contracting: definition and boundaries of coaching, confidentiality, coach and client responsibilities, communication etc. .

  •  Exploration of your area of focus, goal setting

  • Designing actions

  • Regular check-in: managing coaching relationship and coaching progress

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Why Choose Me as Your Coach?
About Me.

38 years. Born in Kazakhstan, grew up in Germany, a one year stop over in the USA, now living in Paris, France. I am figuring out things in life by being courageous and authentic. By failing forwards, challenging myself and trying to create a life based on my values


I am a certified coach with a triple accredited certificate (International Coaching Federation,

Association for Coaching and European Mentoring & Coaching Council)  from Henley Business School,

coaching women. 


I have a profound and fast understanding of my clients' situations and challenges and am strong in creating sincere, ethical coaching relationships based on trust, empathy and deep listening skills.

It is very important to me to support and challenge critical, individual thinking as well as feelings and awareness. Creating a thinking environment that allows new perspectives and insights is another priority.

I look back at a career within a leading position in the international business environment. A career of 11 years that challenged me, brought me to places all around the world, taught me a lot but did not fulfill me. Having worked in male led industries & with male C-Level positions, sensibility towards being a woman within male driven working industries has become a very important topic to me.

Truth, trying to create something good, staying true to myself, responsibility, love, learning, curiosity and laughing are my guiding values. I enjoy philosophy, reading novels, discovering what's new in Paris, running & pilates, going for walks, eating, dancing and spending time with people I love and care about. 

Grey Limbo
Jana Hofmann Coaching. Certified Coach. Coach Paris. Coaching Women. Coaching Business Women. Confidence Coaching. Confidence Coach. Coaching Business Women. Expat Coach. Expat Coach Paris.

What To Expect During Coaching?
My Coaching Style.

  • You experience a true, safe connection. No need to feel ashamed, hesitant or bad about what you want to say or about how you say it. 


  • You feel heard, seen, understood, taken seriously, safe. You have all the attention and time to yourself.  

  • You have the space for silence in my coaching

  • You will not be overloaded with millions of coaching tools and homework in my coaching. I will not coach you towards becoming a perfect person. That’s not what you need. That’s not what I believe in. 


  • Confidentiality is a must. Communication is key. 

  • My coaching is teamwork. We are on the same level, no hierarchy. I am not a teacher, not a consultant, not a mentor, not a therapist. I do not provide solutions or suggestions.

  • Be the way you are on the day we talk. No pressure. You do you.

  • My coaching is solution orientated & based on encouragement

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