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You get that big promotion and your excitement turns into self-doubt and insecurity

It's a big, important moment: you've been promoted, and you're so committed to this new chapter, this next level of impact and growth. You love the challenge of learning and facing new opportunities. But: The initial excitement disappears during your first days in the new position, turning into intense self-doubts."Do I know enough for this leadership position?"

In meetings, the excitement is replaced by disappointment as you struggle to understand and follow discussions and contribute like you are used to do. It feels unfamiliar and this thought is getting louder and louder: "I don't know enough; maybe I'm not right for this position."

False Beliefs and False Focus You might believe that, having had the promotion, you must immediately deliver and know everything. The pressure to suggest and come up with the best ideas and solutions from day one can be overwhelming. You might feel the need to actively participate, proving yourself with strong answers to gain trust.

Maybe without even noticing it, you are in that rush to prove yourself. Which might lead to not being really present when connecting with others, and building relationships. Your focus on proving your worth to others takes over and blocks the importance of showing curiosity, listening skills, cooperation and team spirit.

The Real Challenge The trap lies in your self-imposed pressure to prove your worth through right away success, neglecting the trust and belief others have already placed in you. You forget about your inner strengths and focus excessively on the unknown, fear of failure, and the pressure to keep up.

The real challenge is not the lack of competence. It's not seeing your own resources.

The Real Solution The key essential lies in understanding why you earned the promotion and acknowledging the trust others have in you. It's about giving and allowing yourself the authority to step back from the competitive race, releasing the pressure to know everything immediately. Embrace the newness. Recognize that it takes time to grow into your new role and applying your strengths.

Embrace the Challenge with Confidence To sum up: facing a promotion means facing and living through a new challenge outside your comfort zone. Instead of making yourself small and giving fully in to the fear of "not enough," recognize your worth and the qualities that brought you here. Understand that the promotion is not just about learning more; it's about owning your authority, releasing the need to compete, and allowing yourself the time to grow into your new position.

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